Friday, June 19, 2009

The photograph is a courgette flower from our garden. The variety we grow here are strong and vigorous, I just loved the crunchy texture of the petals and the raggedy prickly leaves. The flower looks so strong and yet only lasts a short while, that state of impermanence reminding me to 'enjoy the moment'!

New Beginnings

Creating fabric art has become my 'life'. Here I am making my very first Blog entry having been encouraged by my very good art friends... so this is a strange and exciting territory for me to explore, develop and enjoy.

This is all about new beginnings for me, further explorations into different fields of fabric art. Having recently moved to Greece from the UK, and left my teaching behind, I have had to become very inventive and find innovative ways to develop my work and also to find basic materials, which are virtually unavailable in this country, much to my surprise!